March 5, 2021
8am – 12:30pm (EST)
Virtual Event

Jayme Anne Goldberg

 Jayme Anne Goldberg is the founder of Consequential Flowers, a modern mentoring network. She is also CEO and co-founder of SilverLine Global, Inc., a leading digital media activation platform for endurance sports industry events. SilverLine provides digital media solutions, including video, virtual events, and digital media hubs that empower running, triathlon, cycling, and obstacle events to leverage and monetize digital technology with sponsorship. 

Workshop #1: Holistic Resilience – Taking Care of YOU
Christy Stuber – Jennifer Ferris-Glick 

Define and explore the impact of stress on the brain and body. Offer five keys to resilience and a healthy brain with a special focus on mindfulness and the influence it has on individuals as well as businesses. 

Christy Stuber, MSW, ACC is a certified Life Coach who works with clients to stress less and live their life with more clarity. She helps her clients identify and rewire patterns in their brain that may have taken them habitually in directions they do not want to go to develop tremendous capacity and effectiveness to go in the directions they do want to go. Her ultimate goal is for her clients to live happier, more meaningful lives. 

Jennifer Ferris-Glick is owner of Above to Below, a boutique consulting company.  She transformed from academic cognitive-neuroscience researcher to mindfulness and business consultant over the last two decades. She helps the executives and leaders become more aware of themselves through scientifically-based and experiential methods. 

Workshop #2: You as a Resilient Professional
Sandy Mervosh – Dorene Ciletti

Define and discuss resilience from the perspective of the workplace and the professional. Explore transformational resilience and use of the REST model as a means to increased resilience. 

Sandra Mervosh, M.S., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, is an assistant professor of human resources and director of the human resource management program in the Rowland School of Business at Point Park University. She has also served as president, CEO and owner of Venture Graphics, a project management company specializing in the printing industry. In 2015, Mervosh founded the networking organization, Pittsburgh Women Succeeding Together. 

Dorene Ciletti, Ph.D., is an associate professor and director of the marketing and sales program and H.J. Heinz Company Endowed Chair in the Rowland School of Business at Point Park University. Before joining Point Park, Ciletti was an assistant professor of marketing and acting director of the Center for Leadership in Professional Sales at Duquesne University. At Duquesne, Ciletti also served in the roles of program coordinator, curriculum designer, faculty advisor and director of the Marketing Honors Institute. In addition to teaching, Ciletti has worked in marketing and sales in the health care and financial services industries. She has organized and moderated several major conferences and has served as an ad hoc journal reviewer and author for a variety of scholarly publications. Her teaching centers on action learning, including experiential service learning, design thinking, and collaboration with community and government organizations. 

Panel Discussion:
Manifesting Resilience in the Workplace

Panelist will share personal experiences and example of the benefits of implementing resilience in the workplace, how to seek opportunities to build professional resilience personally and for others and the impact of resilience in the workplace. 

Janet Manuel, MS, SHRM-CP, PHR, leads the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Human Resources & Civil Service and EEO/Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Manuel’s team is responsible for overseeing the hiring process, employee benefits, payroll and pension deferment to name a few responsibilities for the 3,500 City employees. 

Myah Moore Irick joined Merrill Private Wealth Management in 2020. She focuses on providing wealth planning strategies to successful executives, and individuals and families navigating sudden wealth. Myah possesses a deep understanding of the psychology of wealth: the challenges that executives, individuals, seasoned professionals and even up-and-coming athletes face when making decisions about their financial futures. 

Angela Reynolds, Ph.D., a native of New Haven, CT, is committed to racial justice and gender equity. For 12 years, she was an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh where she taught statistics and performed research on housing policy, specifically affordable housing and fair housing. In 2012, she changed careers and joined the United Way of Southwestern PA where she most recently served as the Senior Director of United for Families and 2-1-1. Under her leadership, 2-1-1 expanded to cover 30 counties in PA and provided coverage for Southern Kentucky. She served on the state PA 2-1-1 board and 2-1-1 national steering committee. February 24, 2020, Dr. Reynolds transitioned to YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh where she serves as Chief Executive Officer. YWCA aims to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace and justice in our region. 

Elesha L. Ruminski, Ph.D., is a Professor of Communication Studies and Coordinator of Leadership Studies at Frostburg State University (FSU) in Frostburg, MD. Dr. Ruminski researches, teaches, and supports facilitation of communication strategies within organizations and communities. In addition to authoring chapters, articles, and encyclopedia entries on a range of communication topics, she co-edited Communicative Understandings of Women’s Leadership Development: From Ceilings of Glass to Labyrinth Paths (Lexington Books, 2012). 

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